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Areas of Expertise

Business Coach

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Mary provides invaluable insights, strategies, and support to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. A business coach, Mary  acts as a trusted advisor, offering personalized guidance tailored to each client's unique needs and aspirations. From clarifying objectives and identifying obstacles to implementing effective solutions and fostering growth, Mary serves as a catalyst for transformation, empowering her clients to navigate challenges with confidence and clarity. With Mary’s guidance, entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of business ownership with greater ease and resilience, ultimately reaching new heights of success.


As a keynote speaker Mary is the beacon of inspiration at any event, illuminating the room with her expertise, charisma, and passion. Mary is more than just a presenter; she is a storyteller, thought leader, and catalyst for change. Mary brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to the stage, captivating audiences with her engaging narratives and powerful insights. Mary has the remarkable ability to distill complex concepts into digestible nuggets of wisdom, leaving her listeners enlightened, motivated, and ready to take action. Whether addressing a conference, seminar, or corporate gathering, she leaves an indelible mark on her audience, igniting sparks of inspiration that fuel personal and professional growth long after the event has ended. Mary’s presence is transformative, her message resonant, and her impact profound.Top of Form

The Chick In Charge

The desire to be "in charge" is often overlooked by the ability to endure despite your current circumstances. It often means possessing a spirit of leadership and the pursuit of excellence even when no one is following you! Throughout the pages of this introspective journey from obscurity to success, Mary H. Parker provides a winning blueprint entitled, "The Chick In Charge." Incorporating years of struggle, challenges, and triumph from childhood to Corporate America and wisdom obtained from years as the President & CEO of one of the nation’s largest, women minority-owned security firms, Mary Parker equips every reader with the strength to not just succeed, but Take Charge!

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My Approach
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